The SC-Coater® is a computer-controlled drum coating machine for small parts made of synthetic materials, metals, ceramics, elastomers and other materials. This system currently offers the most effective and efficient spray application of coatings to mass-produced small parts. In the SC-Coater®, the coating is applied to the bulk goods with the help of an automated spray gun and dried using an energy-efficient, patented infrared radiator.

The coating process takes place in a sealed coating chamber with minimal odour formation. The exhaust air system is part of the SC-Coater® safety concept: A fan prevents uncontrolled emissions of the coating substance while integrated bag filters ensure environmentally friendly filtering.

With the help of the built-in control unit of the SC -Coater®, the parameters can be monitored, changed and saved easily and with great flexibility. This ensures ultimate process stability as well as reproducible coating quality for serial production.

Coating thicknesses from 5 µm (1/1000 mm) are achieved thanks to thin coating application. This ensures that eroded or embossed surface structures such as brushed, grinded and sanded structures and moulded nameplate scripts remain sharp and distinct.


Alongside high quality, effiency is one of the key advantages of the SC coating process compared to conventional methods.


  • Reduced costs for lacquers
    The efficiency of lacquer application lies between 90% and 95%. This means that there is only around 5% to 10% overspray. In conventional lacquering, the overspray is generally significantly higher than 50%.

  • Energy efficiency
    The heating power is regulated according to the process and employed exactly where it is needed without excessive losses. This results in minimum power consumption in comparison with conventional systems.

  • Lower personnel costs
    The coating process is fully automatic. There is no costly parts positioning needed. The manual suspension or insertion of parts to be coated on (equally cost intensive) frames is no longer necessary! The substrate is poured into the drum as dry bulk material. Even the filling and emptying process can be automated.

  • Small space requirement
    The compact construction of the SC-Coater® means that it requires little space. Nor does the (optionally automated) filling and emptying process require a great deal of space. A further advantage is that an explosion-protected room is also unnecessary.

  • Relatively modest acquisition costs
    In comparison to conventional automatic surface spraying systems or robot solutions - especially for small parts - the SC-Coater® is clearly the most favorable solution.

  • Exceptionally fast throughput times
    No post-drying in the oven is normally required because it is already thoroughly dried during the coating process.

  • No post-treatment
    The parts are coated all over which means there are very few problems with difficult-to-reach edges. Even uncoated support points that result on conventional system-related lacquering systems due to the way in which the system itself operates are no longer the case.

  • Reduced maintenance costs
    All parts of the system are designed for process security and a long service life. The essential maintenance activities can be carried out by our customers themselves. SC can offer customers this service within the scope of a maintenance contract.


Technical data:

Dimensions:Approx. 3 x 3 x 3 m
Weight:Approx. 1500 kg
Power connection:32 A Cekon socket with 3-phase AC current, 400 V and 50 Hz
Power consumption:Approx. 8 kW
Heater radiation output:4.5 kW, sensor-controlled
Connection:Compressed air connection with cleaned compressed air Minimum pressure of 6 bar (max. 10 bar), air volume of approx. 60 m3/hr up to 120 m3/hr
Drum filling:up to 60 liters of substrate
Fill weight:max. 180 kg

Technical Specification

  • Control unit
    The control unit is the heart of the SC-Coater®. Entry is carried out via a 6" touch screen, i.e. the commands and entries are made simply by touching the screen. The self-developed user interface is based on the Windows ® operating system. A large number of influencing parameters that can be adapted to the respective coating job ensure maximum efficiency in the coating process and reliability on the level of reproducibility.

  • Safety aspects
    The SC-Coater® only allows safeguarded operation. A great number of intelligent safety and monitoring functions prevent any danger to the operator without restricting his options.

  • Drying process
    An integrated, powerful infrared lamp heats the substrate, thus drying the coating material. The temperature of the parts is regulated by an infrared sensor in conjunction with the control unit. The radiator tubes can also be adjusted in their wavelength and power on the substrate if necessary.

  • Spray technology
    The spray system can consist of one or (if required) two automatic spray guns and material supply circulation systems. All relevant influencing variables such as spray shape, material pressure, spray rate, etc. can be adjusted from the control unit. If necessary, it is also possible to use a variety of different nozzle sizes. The coating material is supplied from a pressurized tank fitted with a stirring mechanism. A weighing system monitors the spray quantity.
  • Lacquering unit
    We recommend our optional lacquer cabinet for housing the pressurized tank and scales. It is connected with the extraction system of the SC-Coater®, thereby ensuring the lowest possible odor nuisance and optimum safety - especially when dealing with solvent lacquers. A special "cover lift" mechanism ensures safe and clean storage of the cover unit during filling or cleaning of the pressurized tank, for example.

  • Drum
    The coating drum can be removed with the lifting crane that is included in the scope of delivery. The corrugated geometry of the drum wall ensures that the substrate to be coated is continuously and gently revolved. The drum is made from stainless steel which means it is resistant to coating materials and cleaning agents. Drive motors, controlled by frequency converters, rotate the drum and swivel the drum housing for filling and emptying. We offer two various drum types with different forms of corrugation for optimum revolving of the respective substrate. Special shapes can also be realized.

  • Environmental considerations
    The extraction system is part of the safety concept of the SC-Coater®. Bag filters ensure environmentally-friendly filtering. A constant negative pressure is created in the drum housing by the exhaust ventilator. This prevents the uncontrolled and unfiltered emission of the coating material from the drum housing into the vicinity of the operator.

  • Production quality and process security
    The path to process security can only be reached via consistent precision and quality monitoring, even during the manufacture of the system itself. The complete SC-Coater® is manufactured exclusively in Germany. We set the same high standard for outsourced parts. All pneumatic and electrical elements comply with the highest safety and quality standards. Only brand name components with the best references are used.

  • Flexibility
    The SC-Coater® is designed in such a way that it can be extended to a fully automatic system. This means that the parts to be coated can be automatically transferred by the SC-Coater® and then also transferred again for further transport after the coating process. Depending on the operator-related requirements (timing, control unit connection, system connection, etc.), a customized solution can be developed.
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