Before a product gets its serial readiness, it has to pass different tests. To make sure that the raw part meets our strict requirements for drum coating technology; all materials are tested and approved on site by our specialists.

1. Testing suitability:

  • Substrate material
  • Parts geometry and dimensions (up to 150 mm)
  • Surface quality
  • Weight (up to 20 g)
  • Scope of application
  • Special customer requirements

2. Target price:

After proving the practicability of the raw material, we need ca. 1 liter volume of the components, for calculating you a first target price. (Please note: A fixed price is set after a successfully completed initial sampling.)

3. Initial sampling:

As soon as the client has decided to take advantage of our service, we offer an initial sampling. In order to do that, we need 7-10 liters volume of the bulk material. Within 10 working days we will return your coated components together with an offer for serial coating.

We document all of the technical details and machinery parameters for of the system to ensure a consistent quality for follow-up orders.

4. Ordering process after approval

Should the customer place an order for the adjusted product, Special Coatings shall subject the product to coating procedures in line with the documentation. This way, in general virtually identical deliverables are obtained within the usual tolerances. A prerequisite for the foregoing is, however, that unmodified bulk parts are provided to us. Should unmodified components be provided, our performance shall be deemed in order if the results of processing match the reference sample.

The customer shall be obliged to notify us of any changes in its product, suppliers, materials, production conditions, etc. In case of doubt, any change in the foregoing will lead to the adjustment procedure having to be carried out again. Even the smallest changes in the quantity, materials, production process, dust particles, etc. may result in the specifications being changed and equivalent deliverables no longer being obtainable.

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