The range of lacquers and coatings offered by Special Coatings is as varied as the needs of our customers. We have a large selection of standard water and solvent-based coatings and lacquers for decorative and functional finishes.

Many of the coating materials used by Special Coatings are exclusive, customer-specific formulations and custom products for use in the SC-Coater®.

In cooperation with renowned coating manufacturers, we are always working on the further development of existing coating systems in order to expand our selection of standard products and new drum coating materials.

Our coatings are are perfectly matched for certain materials such as ABS, PMMA, PS, PC or SAN as well as challenging substrates such as PP, PA, in the case of PBT we even achieve a single-layer coating.

Our functional coating systems are developed for metals such as aluminum, magnesium, steel, sheet metal, zinc, brass, nickel, die cast zinc, galvanized, zinc-plated, blue passivated steel etc. Pre-treatment is required in certain cases in order to improve adhesion.

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