In order to enhance the visual appeal of your products, we carry numerous coating materials to meet all your aesthetic needs. They include clear and matte varnishes, metallic effect lacquers based on dual-component polyurethane coating materials and customer-specific coatings to create special effects as well as modified coatings to impart a high-end matte galvanized look.

We offer an extremely wide range of coatings and work successfully for the industries involved with household appliances, writing instruments, cosmetic products, toys, fittings, automobiles manufacturers and many others.

The standards for decorative coatings in terms of abrasion resistance, UV stability, adhesion, defined coating thickness, resistance to chemicals and food safety are high. Our customers conduct individual tests, among others with regard to the migration of specific elements (pursuant to EN 71, Part 3), adhesion (pursuant to DIN EN ISO 2409) or hand perspiration and saliva tests (pursuant to DIN 53160).

Examples of decorative coatings:

  • Metallic effect lacquers (thin-film, ca. 5 µm)
  • Clear and matte varnishes
  • Coatings to create special effects (antique look, marbling effects)
  • Matte galvanized look
  • Interference color effects (flip-flop, chameleon effect)
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