To ensure that our customers get the best solution for their requirements, we always do an initial sampling. The coating-result always depends on several factors for example size of the parts, material/substrate, surface quality, weight, etc.

For this reason, we would ask you to fill in this form completely and to send it back to us together with your raw material/components to be coated. "Sampling-Checklist"

As soon as we received all this information from you, we will contact you.

For further questions you may reach us by Phone +49 8105 7727-300 or by e-mail:

Sampling process:

  • Sending filled-in checklist and raw material to Special Coatings
  • Testing suitability (Special Coatings)
  • Coordination of requirements (color, resistances, etc.)
  • Calculating a target price
  • Sending bulk parts for initial sampling
  • Sampling
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