By 'functional surfaces', we are referring to lacquers and coating materials that provide real protection for the substrate or change/improve the properties of the substrate.

Special Coatings GmbH & Co. KG offers numerous coating materials to meet the highest requirements. They include corrosion protection coatings for steel and non-ferrous metals, temporary corrosion protection coatings for metals, scratch-resistant coatings for synthetic materials, anti-friction coatings for rubber seals and primers for hard to coat synthetics such as PP.

Examples of functional coatings:

  • Corrosion protection lacquers for steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Temporary corrosion protection for metals
  • Scratch-proof coatings for plastics
  • Antifriction coatings for rubber seals
  • Primers for difficult-to-coat plastics (e.g. PP)
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